Friday, October 16, 2009

Feng Shui in your house

     The shape of things around you influences you

Trying to find out more about Feng Shui i got to know many factors that influences the way we live.

Observing this influence i got enthusiastic and decided to share with everyone some of the information about how to improve your life.

Let's understand how the energy flowts around us. The main energy comes from the sun, and the space "chi",  we are constantly bombarded by this space wind, no matter we have a roof on top. Part ot his energy is entering the earth's crust, and is reflected back by magma chambers, tectonic plates edges, underground rivers and comes back along with the earth's chi. In this way is harmfull for your own chi.

Your chi is like a cable network between organs. If you influence the correct curse of the flow of energy you will suffer illnes. Acupuncture can work with this chi to regainin the correct curse, or if done wrong... make even more ill.The ideea is to detect this areas of "bad" energy and leave the area. There are a few ways to detect them, dowsing, or watch the reaction of animals, cats seem to like this "bad" areas but the dogs will avoid them.

Another way to detect them is to take someone from outside your house, ask him to stand next to the bed, with arms spreaded, eyes closed and slowly push one of the arms down (don't talk about your exact motivation to be as objective as possible) see the person's reaction, if the reation is powerfull is a good area to live and sleep, if the reation is poor, the arm goes down easy, you might have a problem...

Also there are some electronic equipments to mesure the field of these disturbances.

Another big problem is the negative impact of electromagnetic and fields on your health.
Watch for power lines, cables near you, transformers and any electronic equipments that uses massive amount of power.  Also the radio-watch is harfull on long terms.